The Redhouse Rowing Club was  established in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) in South Africa in 2017. We row on the Swartkops River in Redhouse, a tiny 145 year old suburb, just outside the city. RRC was started  to accommodate all interested rowers who cannot join ‘restricted membership’ clubs; and especially youngsters from ‘previously disadvantaged’ backgrounds. . We also have active seniors and Masters Divisions.


We at RRC believe rowing has an incredible power to unite a community by bridging generations, demographics, and other social divides. We work with our community in the common goal to enhance the recreational quality of our local waterway and contribute to the vibrant Eastern Cape culture

Our Mission is to:

  • Educate the community about health, cooperative and leadership skills through the sport of rowing without preference to race, creed, religion, gender or age
  • Provide equipment and instruction for participants to engage in the value of activity on the water
  • To support young rowers in attaining the degree of fitness and skills necessary to compete at their optimal levels and to consistently foster a positive, team-oriented environment in which to grow



  • develop sportsmanship, fitness, rowing skills, teamwork, friendship, cooperation and enjoyment for young people and adults through safe and challenging rowing activities
  • enable and promote athletic and personal achievement for adult and youth rowers as team members and individuals
  • develop the leadership skills of young people and adults, and the organizational capacity to endure and thrive
  • promote stewardship of the Swartkops River as a recreational and environmental resource

WHY CHOOSE RRC?…there are few local options to fulfill your athletes desire to row, but our athletes have chosen RRC because of our dedication to them as an athlete and as a person. Through our sessions with the athletes, and countless conversations about their goals, and struggles, we have found that our attention to our rowers as individuals is highly encouraging and rewarding. We evaluate each athlete on their potential – not where they currently are – and challenge them to develop beyond what they think is possible.

RRC coaches assess each athlete and find out where they need to be – not where they are. Instead of placing them within the team at a level “appropriate” for their ability, the coaches challenge them and give them instruction to develop each athlete individually.

No matter your long term goals in rowing, the journey is lots of fun.  We have boats available for all size and skill levels so you can participate in a single, double, quad or various “sweep” boat combinations. For those just learning to row we have wider boats that offer greater stability and let you concentrate on your form.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time out on the water. Come see what we’re about